yay or nay to the onatah?

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  1. What do you ladies think about the brown Onatah Gm? i have one on hold for me but i really don't know how well it'll maintain its color and texture since its suede. I know its darker in color so dirt does not show up as bad but i do live in a rainy city so i really only have the summer, late spring, and early fall to carry it. should i buy it?
    They don't have the one with the flower cut outs in my city. I would buy that in a sec. its so different.

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  2. I love LV, but not a fan of suede bags. They are too high maintenance. I think they go through more normal wear and tear more easily than regular leather. Besides, if the dark suede bag brushes up against a light color shirt you are wearing, it may transfer marks onto the shirt.
  3. nay, unless it's with the flowers
  4. It's a very pretty bag. I have a couple of suede bags in my collection. I love to wear suede in the fall. It really is a personal decision. If you want a suede bag I think that one is a beauty!!!
  5. I'm not headoverheels about them.
  6. i like it a lot but suede is pretty difficult, and it doesn't scream lv like the mono or mc so it depends what you're looking for but i like the whole understated bag so i think its very cute
  7. Personally, I think it's FAB!!! So different from the other styles. I think if you can afford it -- GO FOR IT!!! I have it on my wish list too!! I love the yellow that Gisele carries in the LV ads. Beautiful!
  8. I am not sure how durable suede would be, but I really like it!!!
  9. I was looking at this one myself but what I decided I didn't like about it was the canvas shoulder strap. I really wish that had been suede as well.:sad:
  10. I disagree-I LOVE the shoulder strap!
    Buy it...if you dont like it-its totally re-sellable(I would buy it in a heartbeat!)
    I bought 3 bags last week....in a trouble with the hubby.......!!!!!
  11. I would have to say nay...Someone in a myspace group has an Onatah, and she says that it's really delicate and not very practical. She said it was more of a fashion piece, so I guess it's good if you just want it for your collection, but not good if you want to really use it.
  12. I agree. If you have the extra cash it's a good collection piece, but nay otherwise. It's very delicate and looks like it could rip easily.
  13. I say YAY

    I could not afford to get the one with flowers on but I am considering getting the onatagh plain GM in yellow in a couple of months - I think it is beautiful. I like the brown but think you cannot really see the pattern on it as it is so dark .. has anyone seen them IRL what is the orange like ... what colour do you all like best???
  14. I LOVE it. :smile:
  15. I like it, but with all the rain you get in Van (I'm not a stalker, I got that from your other post) I don't know if it would really be practical for you. If you are an LV collector though and want it more for show that for use, then I would say get it.