yay or nay to the new metallic cannages?

  1. check out the new cannage drawstrings in metallic colours and also the cannage drawstring with a FLAP of sorts! :wtf:


    and a lady dior hobo which seems more cannage-y than lady dior, but i'm not complaining if galliano were to throw one in my direction. :p

    can't say i'm a big fan of both cannages, but the metallic shades do look kinda yummy. the lady dior hobo reminds me of my chanel ultimate soft (in my avatar) which is a pity since if i knew dior was going to have this hobo, i'd definitely have gotten the dior version (since i'm a dior girl at heart). ;)
  2. I am not a huge fan of the quilted bags in general - the metallic hobos/drawstrings seem to be an odd melding of formal with casual. I don't think I could pull it off.

    I had a metallic paddy and sold it a long time ago - in theory I like metallic bags; but, for me, they are only practical if in clutch or wristlet form.
  3. cannage drawstrings in metallic looks great! I wish I could have one sometime in the future. :love:
  4. Not a fan of the cannage shoulder bags with the flap, so definitely a nay to that.

    I'm on the fence with the metallic cannage but like most Dior bags, I know it will grow on me like the rebelle. At first i didn't like it, now, if I had the funds will be my next purchase.
  5. OH WOW! I love the second bag! It reminds me of something that Burberry made which I loved but wouldn't buy because I'd be unloyal to Dior.

    Actually, I love the first bag too but after owning the drawstring cannage before, I have to say that it's a bit shapeless and that's why I like the second one more...I couldn't get mine to look like the one on the Eluxury pic because they obviously have tissue in theirs but I had my regular stuff in mine.
  6. Wow, I love that Lady Dior hobo! I was just at the boutique last night but didn't see it...Anyone know the price on it? Hopefully it'll be in the thousand dollar range or less! :smile:
    I also love the bronze color on the second bag...so pretty!
  7. Can i be boring and choose the hobo. Then again, i wouldn't pass up the 2nd one if someone was to throw it at me. I think if the strap on the 2nd one was shorter it'll look better.

    One thing i noticed, they all look so cuddly, it looks so soft
  8. eLUXURY - Dior - Lady Dior Medium Hobo Dior
    it's $1350. :yes:
    i got the pictures of the bags from eluxury.com

    it kinda looks like the cannage hobo (only classier?)
  9. :roflmfao:
    hehe, i wouldn't either, could always eBay it. :p
  10. i totally agree with Loganz on this one - but i do love metallics in general and im definitely getting one this spring - but i will say it will be a baby paddy one...somehow i just find that style much more fitting with metallic shades:smile:!
  11. ^ oh oh, get a metallic gaucho! ;)
    i think the "metallic silver" (which is more dark bronze brown) rebelle is delicious!

    p/s or those gorgeous limited edition giles deacon mulberry bayswater. ;)
    (i saw it in amsterdam and it's less shiny than it is in the photo, and of course it was absolutely gorgeous. literally couldn't bear putting the bag down on the shelf again after trying it on my arm).
  12. I like the black one :smile:
  13. Yay! Love them!
  14. im taking back all i said about dior metallics ...the silver flap is TDF ! :p

    the other one is tempting too ... even though its not leather or maybe thats why ... sort of casual but very chic in a way ...but 575 pounds for nylon ? honestly...:supacool:

    silverflap.JPG beigenylon.JPG
  15. hehehehe, i've a nasty feeling that if i see those bags IRL, i'd probably have a ridiculous wishlist.

    off-topic a little, :wlae: i did alright for my exams!!! granted the results are "not finalised" (a snafu with the IT dept in school, so our results were leaked out on the old system platform! hah!) but anyway WOOOPEEEEE!!!! maybe i should reward myself for doing alright by going to the dior in manchester this weekend. :graucho: