Yay or Nay: shoes

  1. I picked these up from Nordstrom this evening...they are on sale, and I'm kind of undecided (see pics)...thanks!
    Picture 010.jpg Picture 007.jpg
  2. i say yay....tried on a pair a while back and thought they were adorable (although they kinda hurt).....i say they're a keeper
  3. I say yay, too. I really like those. They will go with a ton of things.
  4. Oh !!! Dear !!! well, I like the style of the shoe, I just think the combo of colours are awful.

    Purple is a hard colour to match.
  5. oops ! sorry, Nay.
  6. For myself, nay, but they are cute. I like the over strap and the bow. I would say they look comfy but I'll take jc2239's word for it when she said they hurt a little. Also, not sure about the colors.
  7. I think they are cute (style) but I don't like the color...
  8. What about the blue version?


    I was in the store for about 30 minutes trying to decide between the different colors, but went with the purple because I thought that it would go with browns and beiges. Did I make the wrong choice?
  9. the blue are a little too cartoony/alice in wonderlandy for me
  10. The Blue I would wear with jeans only I think it would look great that way, Any other way as far as dresses and skirts go, I would say, NO !!!
  11. I like the style, but I don't like the bow detail. Can you cut it off? :P That would make it a yay!
  12. I like the style but the color is nay.
  13. No offense, but why would you wear shoes that looked like that if they were uncomfortable? I don't like them, just my opinion though. Good luck with 'em. Shoes are a matter of personal opinion anyway.
  14. Christina, you're funny! I was just thinking the same thing!

    The shoes look a little too kid-dy for me. I say "nay". Can you try them on with jeans or brown/beige pants so we can see how they look???? They might look a lot cuter ON!
  15. I say YAY! they're adorable =)