Yay or Nay.. Scarf on a hobo..

Do you like it?

  • Yes! Cute!

  • Sorta.. Tie it another way! (explain please!)

  • No! That doesn't work for me..

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Aug 4, 2007
I have the legacy ponytail stripe scarf sitting in my room doing nothing and I took my hobo out today for the first time in like 6 months!! So I thought I would dress her up a little.. but I wonder what you gals thought about it? Or if I should maybe tie it another way..
Excuse the wrinkleyness of the scarf! xD

Any feedback is welcome! :biggrin:

Also.. I always wondered.. is there a proper way to wear a hobo? XD! I have the older hobo where the strap is thick (not the twisted band one) and it has a buckle on it! I always wondered if I should wear it to where the buckle points to the back or the front.. xD
Or if you gals just wear your purse depended on the inside zip pocket to be nearest to you.. and the cellphone pocket pointing outwards..

Weird question! I know!! XD!
Jul 25, 2007
I LOVE scarves on bags now - its my new thing! with a ponytail scarf I like it tied in a bow. I know its kinda tricky to get it to look right, but try it a couple of times. That scarf would look adorable tied in a bow on that lovely bag!


Oct 17, 2006
I love it! I agree with the suggestions to do a big fluffy bow, to help balance the length of the scarf next to the strap of the hobo.


Sep 10, 2007
Tie it in a bow and it will be perfect! Especially since the other side of the scarf matches the bag!