~Yay or Nay?..Rosebery Besace...Reveal~

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  1. I have the mono speedy 35, the trevi GM and DE neverfull mm and have been wanting another fuss-free shoulder bag for soo long. Been contemplating the palermo pm for soo long and never took the plunge because of the vachetta. Am so glad I never did cos now that the rosebery besace is out, this is the perfect shoulder bag in my opinion. You should keep it and I think it can be worn for casual wear as well as for more formal office wear. Looks good on you and I just love it!
  2. Okay, here's my biased opinion on the Besace.

    1. It's not too big for you.

    2. It is dressier than the Bloomsbury or Mentilmontant.

    3. The Bloomsbury GM is huge. As usual with LV's crazy sizing, the differential (edited to say: between PM & GM) is out of proportion.

    4. If anyone doesn't care for flap bags, stop and reconsider this one because the flap is quite short. It's not aggravating to use like a full flap IF you dislike flap bags.

    5. No back flap pocket. This is a great feature on the Menilmontant, which most unfortunately, is absent on the Besace.

    6. Your other Damier option would be the Bergamo MM or GM.

    There is not one bag that will cover all bases, so pick out 2-3 and look at their features closely. Trying them on is the only way to really determine if the bag will work for you. Since you're unsettled about the Bersace, take it back and compare it to the Bergamo and Bloomsbury GM. I think that's the best way to end up with a style with which you're satisfied. Good luck!
  3. Thanks everyone!!!
  4. it looks really good on you! definitely keep it!