~Yay or Nay?..Rosebery Besace...Reveal~

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  1. I'd say keep it, so here is another YAY !
  2. Nay here. I'm not a fan of flap-top bags. Just makes it a pain to get into while hanging by your side. I also have a Bloomsbury PM and it is quite small (though great for certain uses) -- would suggest the Bloomie GM (or other zip top cross body bag) over the Besace.
  3. Oh thank you!! I use my Bloomsbury PM on occassion but I need a bigger bag. I looked at the Bloomsbury GM and the side pocket has a zipper. I'm 5'1" do you think the Bloomie GM will look too big?
  4. I haven't tried on the GM, but the PM is much smaller than I had thought (I'm 5'4"). So, I'm guessing the GM is probably not all that much bigger and would not look too large on you. The only question is whether you're OK with having two bags that look the same other than size... :smile:
  5. Looks great on you..congrats.
  6. I will take a look later this week. Thanks for your input!! :smile::smile:
  7. Thank you!! :smile:
  8. I bought my mom the bag and she loves it. It looks nice on you.
  9. I saw a comparison picture of the bloomsburg PM and GM in the club thread, FYI.

    Your roseberry looks like a 'cartable' and laptop bag, but I like it. I like structured bags too. It looks classy.

    I think the size is good.

    Your DH is so nice, knows what women wants, that's for sure. Purses, LV purses. :flowers: He's sweet!
  10. That's nice!! Thank you!!

    Thanks scarlet! I also like something different too. It looks elegant and classy but I was wondering if it can be worned on casual days.

    As for DH, yes I love him!! Thanks!!
  11. So nice of your DH~!! It is great~!!
  12. Thank you!!! :smile:
  13. I don't think it looks to big and you could definately use it everyday! Love how she looks on you crossbody!
  14. Hi Jenny! Thanks again!! :smile:
  15. Im 5'4 and this bag is the perfect size for me!! You should definitely keep it!!