~Yay or Nay?..Rosebery Besace...Reveal~

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  1. Hey everyone!!! DH just got me the Delightful MM this past weekend. DH surprised me again tonight with another Vday gift. He got me the Rosebery Besace. What do you think? Is it too formal to wear as an everyday bag? Too big for my frame? I have the Bloomsbury PM and I was thinking of getting the GM. Thanks again!!!


    Sorry for my wardrobe. I just came home from work. :smile:)


  2. Keep it!! It looks great on you and will be so versatile - no worries when it's raining!! :biggrin:
  3. I like it too but I thought it looks too big on. Thanks!! :smile:
  4. I think it looks nice on you. Keep it. Both the bag and your dh. Hee definitely keepers. :P
  5. Thank you!!!! :smile:
  6. Keep it! It looks great on you!
  7. looks great on you....does it have a zipper inside (main opening of the bag) or just the flap?...how roomy is it?...is it light or heavy?....sorry, too many questions.....coz i find this bag a possible addition to my wishlist.....thanks
  8. I think it looks nice on you. Yes, I would like to know what the interior looks like as well.
  9. Thank you! :smile:
  10. It has 2 pockets inside. It's pretty roomy and deep. It's bigger than the Bloomsbury PM. I can fit my Sarah wallet, check book, camera, make-up, iPhone, keys, and more!

  11. I think it is a fantastic gift and looks perfect on you! It is a great everyday bag that has no worries.
  12. I have not seen this bag in person but it resembles a messenger bag a little bit.
  13. I think it looks really good. And your pregnant!? You look great :smile:
  14. wow! its so pretty! I say keep it! You can use it when it rains, and it would be good to have a worry-free bag in your collection.
  15. Is this bag that small?? Wouldn't the canvas curl up in a long run? SA told me the canvas will curl up if there is a golden buckle, but that is just on wallet, donno on bags...