Yay or Nay? Please help

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  1. Hi ladies :smile:

    I just got these from Free People......

    they are comfy... but... yay? or nay?

    I think I am on the fence right now... bc it is effing freezing here in Toronto.. and i won't able to wear them until spring time!

    (sorry for the horrible outfit & yucky self pics!)

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  2. Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss =]
  3. I like them! Even if you have to wait until Spring, it'll just make them so much sweeter to wear after the long wait!
  4. Ahh yes they're CUTE!!
  5. They look great! They'll be something to look forward to in the spring! You never know it may warm up a bit!
  6. Yay. Like their edginess.
  7. I love them!
  8. Yes!
  9. Yay!;)
  10. thanks ladies...
    I am keeping them... just praying for the warm weather to come now! lol
  11. sorry :sad: nay for me - I like them except for the contrasting sole - I wish it was all black, then it would be a yay for me. (I feel like I rained on the parade - so ignore me - majority rules! :biggrin:)
  12. Super cute and funky. You could wear them with thick, wool tights in the meanwhile maybe?
  13. noo.. u didn't rain on the parada at all!
    you got a good point... if they have a all black sole, they would be sexy more dress up shoes... I guess the wood makes it more casual?!

    I can't wait to wear them with my distress boyfriend jeans!!! hehe :smile:

    mmm... I guess I can wear them now with opaque tight.. and cute minis with them now?!

    lol.. but when i was driving into work, there was a blizzard!!! lol.. good old Canada!
  14. :P glad to make you laugh!

    However you rock them, post some pics!