Yay or Nay on this wristlet?

  1. What do you guys think about this wristlet?

    Any opinions please? :flowers:

    (pic from fashionbug.com)
  2. Any opinions?
  3. Its ok but I have never liked metal on straps like that so if it was me I would not get it.
  4. nay to me...
  5. nay for me too.
  6. Thanks for your opinions guys... guess I will keep looking...
  7. Not my fave, but not bad for a fashionbug find...
  8. It's okay but not a yay for me.
  9. I am not familiar with Fashion Bug as there are none in my area but its kinda cute
  10. Not my style but its whether you like it or not that matters:flowers:
  11. cute, what material is it? the quilt and chain strap does seem 'chanel-like'