Yay or Nay on this tote??

  1. [​IMG]For work (like an everyday tote) The bag is made of Italian calfskin leather...the leather is so soft & smooth. The entire tote is very light too. But what do you all think of the style?? Any comments will be nice. I am thinking if the tote gets dirty; I can use shoes polish to cover the dirt since white shoes polish is widely accessible.
  2. [​IMG][​IMG]
  3. One more thing....this tote costs $160 Cdn. (Approx $140 US) & it's made from a brand called "Nuovedive" in Italy. The leather is really really soft!
  4. I say YAY!!!! It's really cute. Very trendy but doesn't scream "fashion victim." Thus, the perfect tote! : )
  5. Yay! It's a cute tote but I would be afraid that it would get dirty easily. :yes:
  6. YAY!!! I think it is adorable!!!! Go for it!!!!!
  7. i say yay and what a great idea white shoepolish hehe!!!

    i like the little zip pockets on the sides i think it adds a nice style to the bag!
  8. I like. Yay!
  9. Another Yay! I think it's very cute and classy!
  10. Yay.
  11. You've got another yay here; it's classy & functional.
  12. I love it can you PM me or post here whichever where i might be able to get one!!!!!!!!!! :smile: and if it comes in something other then white as i am WAY too anal about my bags to have a white bag :smile:!

    thanks SOOO much
  13. i say yay. I love the size and style....
  14. I say yay! Looks like it holds alot!
  15. Yay for sure! I really like it.