Yay or Nay on this Prada bag?? thx>>

  1. If it's big enough to fit everything you need (though it kinda looks small), then it's an OK investment.
  2. What is the retail on it? are you looking for a small bag? Sometimes i find that for a little bit more from the cost of a small bag, you can get a larger one:shrugs: . It is cute:smile: . And if it feels right and your heart yearns for it..then listen to your heart. As long as it brings joy to you, nothing else matters;)
  3. It doesn't do anything for me- without the logo it's just a plain black bag.
  4. Nay, looks too tiny to hold anything.
  5. Eh, nothing really special about it.
  6. no for me- i like bigger bags .....
  7. Well, according to the most recent Vogue, clutches for day will be very hot for spring. I think, though, that you can probably find a more interesting clutch, if that's what you're looking for.