Yay or Nay on this Posse NYC Bag

  1. Really love it , a great classic, but would want to see it in person first, (normal I live overseas)!
  2. I like it!
  3. love the shape, but the look of the leather is a bit iffy...would have to see it in person. maybe it's just the picture.
  4. That's a very attractive bag...casual yet somewhat structured. Would have to see IRL to give a definite answer.
  5. Hey guys! Thanks for the great feedback. I went ahead and ordered it (It came out to $372 with the coupon code) What a great deal. I will let you know how it is in person once I get it.
  6. Just received the bag from Fengjunk.com and I love it!! It's big enough to carry everything I need, the leather is light, and I love the color. I think they also have it in salmon which would look great for summer here in LA, so I'm thinking about getting that one too!
  7. wowww... i really like it!

  8. That's VERY cute, congradulations!!
  9. it looks great!!
  10. I just got this bag in Olive from the Posse NYC website and I love it. The color is pale green. If you've seen the bag Gretchen reviewed on her site, that is the true color. It's roomy and so light. Free shipping and 15% off with the code "grechen".
  11. I really like it. I wonder, though - do both straps stay on your shoulder? It looks like one would keep falling off.
  12. Nay. Sorry, but I think the flaps look like pads.