Yay or nay on this Marc by MJ bag? opinions?

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  1. don't post your own eBay auctions here.
  2. It looks cute! I think they had it for sale on Zappos a while back, not sure if it's still there. It looks like it can hold essentials and I love how it's divided!
    I think I'm a big sucker for bags with compartments :shame:
  3. is the strap long enough to wear across body? it reminds me of the lv saumur, very practical bag indeed. love the color too.
  4. not my style
  5. Sorry, but I'm not a big fan of this style.
  6. I don't love it, sorry.
  7. I think it's cute! Seems like it will hold a lot.
  8. I agree w/ mellie and cindi... not a great fan either.. but if its practical then go for it =)
  9. It looks cute but not my style!
  10. It's OK; personally white would be in serious danger with me. I'm a stain magnet.
  11. nay :sad:
  12. nAY!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.