Yay or nay on this man purse *pic*

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  1. I was coming out of the gym and noticed this good-looking guy giving his girlfriend a peck BUT more important than his looks or his kisses - he was wearing a Gucci messenger bag.

    I thought it looked great on him but then I stopped myself and wondered if I just thought that because I'm a purse addict. What do you think? I guess I was just surprised that a straight guy could pull off monogram canvas. Would you buy a bag like this for your SO?

    Here's the guy and the way he was carrying his bag (sorry for the quality, it was a "covert camera operation"):

    Here's a version of the bag he was carrying, except the top was a brown leather flap, not monogram:


    Yay or Nay?
  2. It looks ok. Casual. There's nothing outstanding, just quite ordinary by the way he looks with it IMO. Shouldn't this be in the gucci forum?
  3. LOL but we are all purse addicts here~!

    I think the bag is nice - but I think its too small on him - but that's just me.
  4. it would be to small for my SO, i mean ex SO LOL, i don't have anyone that i can buy things for now :P
  5. I think it looks great. Most brands have a small version of a messenger style that they classify as a man's bag (I was just looking at one from Burberry). A lot of men carry a camera bag, which is just as small (only not as slim), so I don't find this unusual or odd at all.
  6. That's what i was thinking. It looks too small on a guy. A larger messenger bag would have looked better.

    Kuddos to the guy for being brave enough to use a man bag for something other than a laptop. :tup:
  7. i say nay.
  8. Wow, we're the only two "yay" votes so far! Maybe I was having a moment of "any guy who wears a purse I would wear automatically gets an A!"

    I really thought it looked good and effortlessly cool. I loved that it wasn't your typically big messenger bag.

    I'm sticking to my guns on this one! It looks good!
    (But then again, my husband says I always try to dress him a bit too flamboyantly. I like men who aren't afraid to step outside of the neutral zone.)
  9. Lol, I don't know... there is something hot in general about a guy who will carry that. I love guys with style!
  10. I say nay. Somehow guys with bags smaller than a messenger bag just screams tourist to me - even if they're obviously not (like in your case)! :smile:
  11. nay, too small for his build.
  12. Not bad, but I don't like quite a few man purses in general. That said, I am looking for a nice smaller messenger bag for my SO (that's not so man pursey).
  13. Men and bags = :tdown: IMHO!!!
  14. Nay. Way too small plus I'm not crazy for men w/ bags in general.
  15. It's not big enough for him to be carrying books or a laptop; it looks like it can only handle what most men just put in their pockets, which makes me wonder....I think it's a nay.