yay or nay on this Juicy Couture jewelry case?? worth keeping forever? and WHY??

  1. It's cute, but I couldn't see myself as using it forever bc it's a little *too* cutesy. If you love it though then go for it!
  2. what age do you think it's MOST appropriate for? what's the oldest age that you can possibly have it for?
  3. I love it! But then again I'm a huge Juicy girl. I think it would look a little weird with someone over 25.
  4. It's just a jewlery case , Main purpose to hold jewlery and to keep it safe and whatever. it doesnt matter. I think it's really nice.
  5. It is very cute. I could see it up to 15 years old but not much beyond that. Then it could be put away and saved for the next generation!
  6. I think it's cute, but, at *almost* 21, I can't see myself using it. It's...too cute. lol. But, if you love it, go for it! :smile:
  7. i have the bronze one from a year or so back and I love it. it holds my jewlery and the way it sits on the dresser the heart never shows. I also like the little travel bag that came with mine. I say go for it.
  8. i'm not really a juicy fan, but i think it's cute. it's a jewelry case, not a bag, so i can see someone any age using it...as long as they like pink!
  9. it's very cute, i'd use it.
  10. Why not use it for as long as you want then tuck it away for a future daughter of yours.
  11. Loves it! It's adorable.

    By the way, is that one authentic, I've seen the authentic one w/o the side heart? or is this just another version with the heart?