yay or nay on this gap bag?

  1. so I found this cute black patent leather hobo but I cant decide if I want it or not
    what are your thoughts on a gap purses yay or nay?

    sorry I cant post the pic I'm at work and cant access photobucket.

  2. Nay. Reminds me of a garbage bag.
  3. lol yeah it kind of does uhh
  4. I'm going with nay. You probably wouldn't be happy with the quality of patent leather for $49.
  5. Even though I generally really like gap bags, I personally wouldn't carry that one.
  6. nay.
  7. Sorry, no.
  8. Nay for me, too... Ive seen some bags at the gap that I like over the years, but this one I would pass on.
  9. Nay.. I agree with the garbage bag comment the shape is great but the material is ugh.
  10. i love the hobo shape, but, not this bag...sorry...
  11. Oh, I think you could really do better than that...
  12. nay...I find it kinda plain
  13. nay. it looks too shiny giving it a very plastic look
  14. i like the patent look but this bag is abit too "longish" for me :smile:.
  15. Nay-I think patent leather is better for more structured bags.