yay or nay on this fendi metallic suede spy?

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  1. nay for me also. it's a little too extravagant for my taste.
  2. i think that is so gorgeous and girly! a teeny bit too busy, it would obviously be a bag that you could only use every so often but it's so pretty, love the color!
  3. YAY!!! I love it!!! lol
  4. It's beautiful, but seems really impractical. So, I say nay.
  5. Yay from me :biggrin:!!!
  6. I LOVE this!! I think Uaefah has one. Been lusting after it seen she posted her on the forum.
  7. im not a fan of that one.
  8. LOVES it!
  9. Now that I've joined the SPY club, I would have to say that those bags look MUCH better IRL than in pictures.
  10. I love it!!
  11. I thought nay when I saw pictures of LiLo carrying this one ... that is, until I saw it at the bloomies in NYC. It gets a yay IRL - definitely not as busy looking.
  12. It surely is a head turner, but not for me.
  13. ohmy god i saw that at bloomies over the weekend, and it cost like 5700 or something. it looks really cool but as a bag, really weird and out there.
  14. it's almost.. whimsical, with the metallic and netting-like quality, it sorta feels ..mermaid-esque.. heee.. but its a hefty price... heee but i do like sparkly things...