yay or nay on this fendi metallic suede spy?

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  1. nay, too scaly
  2. NAY! But I am not a fan of, dare I say this, Spy!!!:nuts:

  3. LOL...good one
  4. Yay, I loved the way it looked on Lilo.
  5. I don't like Spy's, but I like that one.
  6. nay for me!
  7. No more suede for me! It's so hard to keep it clean even when I try really hard!!! It's beautiful though.
  8. I have to look at it in person but the bag is gorgeous. I am a fan of spy so I vote yay if that bag looks good on you in person. For me, maybe a litle too much due to the age reason:lol: . But you never know.;) This bag is a lot more pricy that the regular spy price too.:biggrin:
  9. Wow, love the color. But with that net-like material it makes the bag skeletonish. I just think the colour and the texture doesn't go with each other.
  10. I don't love the texture of this one.
  11. yay!
  12. it's kinda strange but....if you're enough brave to carry it...why not!?
  13. yay
  14. It's in the $5700 range. The SA at Fendi was trying to get me to special order it. I might as well get a Kelly for a bit more.
  15. nay