yay or nay on this fendi metallic suede spy?

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  1. thanks for your opinion!!!!

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  2. A little too much for me. But I love the tulle (sp?) spy that someone has!
  3. I love it!
  4. If you're a glamorous-style kind of girl (likes to get all dolled up alot), then go for it! It's beautiful...if I were 20 years younger I'd get it.
  5. I LOVE IT!!!! I just don't love the price tag. If it was the price of a regular spy, I'd jump on it! :cry:
  6. Nay for me.. Theres something about that texture that bothers me..
  7. i love it, it's so fun! i've seen pics of lindsey lohan carrying it and the way the light catches it in different pics is really nice.
  8. What is the price?
  9. yay
  10. wayyyyyy too much. and i'm usually a "too much" kinda girl...
  11. Nay for me...definitely a bag that tries too hard.
    And how durable is "metallic suede"?
  12. No for me. Too much like a mini-dragon rolled up into a bag... It looks as though flames should be shooting out of it.
  13. yay
  14. Nay for me, though I'm sure it looks much better in person!

    It reminds me of those stainless steel scrubbers!!

  15. Nay for me.