Yay or nay on this dress... my first purchase from forever 21!~

  1. Hi I don't know if I should sell this dress or not... I think it makes me look a few pounds heavier... and several years older (I'm only 20)

    But I was with my friends at forever 21 a few week ago (my first visit) 1-because they dont' have one in vancouver and 2- I usually wear stuff that are designer (not super expensive brands like chanel/balenciaga or anything but mid range stuff nanette lapore/dvf/marc by marc jacobs etc)

    and I bought this kimono dress because in the store I thought it looked better and at check out I found out its actually 7.99 and not the 39.99 I initially thought it was but the bad thing is its a sz L and I'm having second doubts at home since I think the large sizing is making me look extra heavy.

    SO should I keep it or should I sell it (def won't refund it c'mon its 7.99!)

    so yay or nay guys!? And I just read the NYtimes article on another thread and it's slapped me in the face that i've downgraded too!

  2. The lady in the picture does not appear to me to be either a bit old or a bit plump. Not to mention that a forever 21 large is hardly "large" in the real world, and if you can wear anything from there, then you are officially certified as unfat.

    You should definitely keep it. You will be surprised how much use you get out of it, think of all the different scarves and belts you can wear with it!
  3. I think you should keep it. It looks great on you.
  4. It looks really cute! KEEP!
  5. Oh honey. It looks awesome on you! You look neither old nor plump. It's very fresh and of-the-moment. And the price tag should have nothing to do with you how feel about it. YOU look great in that dress...don't give a second thought to the label or the price. That should never be a factor in how good you feel in your clothes. Keep it! :smile:
  6. I think it looks really lovely on you, I would definately keep it if I were you. If you are not totally comfortable with the size, maybe you can have it tailored a bit?
  7. That dress looks TOO cute to be sold!! Def a keeper IMO! :yes:
  8. I think that dress is really cute. Definitely keep!
  9. Heeey girl you look wonderful in that CUTE dress!!
    no where NEAR fat or old :biggrin:
    I say keep keep keep! it's HOT on you ;)
  10. Think you look positively like a 20 yr old! You look cute. Definitely a keeper. :yes:
  11. Super cute. Keep it.
  12. It is so cute.
  13. its fabulous!! Keep it. now, what accessories are you gonna ge for it ? :graucho:
  14. Very Cute And Age Appropriate...may I Suggest A Higher, Strappy Heel???
  15. You are not fat...you look adorable