Yay or Nay on this bracelet?

  1. Hey guys,
    I am thinking about getting this juicy couture charm bracelet, but am unsure whether I should get it or not? So, I was wondering if you guys could give me some opinions about it. Thanks!:flowers:

    The two heart charms each open up to a lipgloss on one side and a mirror on the other. :smile:

    (pics from eluxury.com)

    With the charms closed

    With the charms open
    juicygloss.jpg gloss.jpg
  2. it's cute, but not my personal style. if it matches your style, go for it!
  3. Can you replace the gloss once you've used it?

    Also, won't the bracelet get very smeary, when you close the hearts up again, with gloss on your fingers? :shrugs:
  4. Thanks for your feedback guys!

    I am not sure whether you can replace the gloss or not, but even if you can't I was thinking that after you used it all up, and washed the inside of it, you could maybe put a small photo in the spot. Just a thought though~ :s
  5. Nay for me....a little too gold for me. but if you like it, you should get it. =)
  6. I decided that I just want it too much to pass it up, since I also got a 20% discount with it, so I just ordered it! :yahoo:
  7. It's adorable!
  8. its really cute and you can probably put juicy charms on there (if you have any)
  9. i don't like how gold it is, but i do think that the idea of lipgloss is cute though.
  10. I actually bought that for a friend a while ago, its actually very very chunky! huge infact.. Its not my style.. but I love juicy jewelery!
  11. Thanks for your comments guys. ;)

    I am thinking of putting a couple of charms on there that I recently brought:

    (pics from eluxury.com)

    the bowler handbag

    the padlock and key

    the shopping bag

    and I am planning on buying the fawn soon :heart:
    bowler.jpg lockandkey.jpg shop.jpg deer.jpg
  12. It's really cute!
  13. I was also thinking about getting these too, sooner or later! So many choices so little time :lol:

    (pics from eluxury.com)

    snowflake :nuts: :heart:


    nesting doll


    snowflake.jpg hawaii.jpg nestingdoll.jpg lipstick.jpg rubberducky.jpg
  14. I love the fawn!!! How freaking cute is that!
    I'm about to buy a bambi necklace from Disney Couture (kidada) *love*
  15. Here is a Bambi necklace I found from asos.com.

    Bambi Pendant at ASOS