Yay or Nay on this bag??

  1. What do you guys think?? Too girly? Too bright? Any comments will be great!! Thanks a lot! That's not me in the picture, but I'm 27 yrs old...too old for that bag?
  2. Looks very much like a Cross between Dooney & Bourkes Barrel bag and their Flap Bag in the Nile Line they carry. Actually I like Dooney's better than this one. But I always liked the Nile collection so this bag isn't too bad. I just think the Dooney is nicer.
    What's the price?
    Girly? No. I think it's nice for Spring/Summer.
  3. The color is really cute. However, I don't like the zippered pockets at the ends
  4. Nay for me.
  5. the overall design is cute, and so is the color (pink is a great summery color!!) but, I don't like the material. But, no, 27 is not too old for this bag :smile:
  6. Lexie2000: I bought it for $160. It's actually a Cole haan bag. :smile:
  7. Hmmm I'm torn in the middle & am no help! Sorry!
  8. its very cute. good purchase! :yes:
  9. I actually got it a while ago, but am afraid to use it because it looks so "pink"...lol. But the bag is embossed leather. I just want to hear what you handbag addicts have to say about that bag first. :smile: I know you guys will give me good opinion on it. The bag has been sitting in my closet & I still like it, but it doesn't match my wardrobe that well....so I'm debating if I should ebay it or keep it.
  10. I don't think that you sound comfortable with this bag,and if it doesn't suit your wardrobe you'd be better off selling.
    It's not my kind of bag,either...
  11. I'm not a big pink person. Nay for me.
  12. It's not a bad bag but you have to like pink and feel comfortable w/ it. I'm not a big fan of the embossed leather but I bet it would look great on. 27 is young honey, not too old for any bag!
  13. Quite cute. It's not too bright a colour. And at 27, you definitely can wear pink :biggrin:
  14. I like the color but not the shape...if you were worried about the color being too young, it's not! wear it!