yay or nay on this bag as luxury tote bag? the leather is really nice. what do you th

  1. yay or nay on this bag as luxury tote bag? the leather is really nice. what do you think as maybe a work bag.

    Is the bag too trendy looking? does the design make the bag weird or better?

    or is this a nice luxurious CLASSIC bag that I probably won't get sick and tired of?

    I don't know why... i'm having a hard time deciding.


  2. One thing I'd take in to mind with this or any tote of that nature would be the top and how it closes. The photos don't really let us know. Papers/etc... could more easily fall out if it doesn't have a secured zip on top. It is just something I'd think about before using it for work.

    I don't* care for the design on it personally, but I like the shape.
  3. it does have a zipper on top.

    i was kinda afraid of the shape since it's more of a tote bag style.

    so you like the shape?

    can this bag be carried as a regular bag too and NOT as a tote bag? or would that be weird... because the shape is a tote bag style?
  4. I do like the shape, quite a bit. It slightly reminds me of the YSL Tribute tote which I love.
  5. I don't particularly dislike the shape, but it's the zigzag embossing that doesn't cut it for me. Also, I think the gold accents are a bit too shiny. Otherwise I think it'd make a perfect everyday bag. Just my 2 cents!
  6. For me, I really would want to know the bag's size and dimensions. I don't want my papers sticking out from my work bag.
    I do like the subtle patterning.
  7. I mentioned on the other thread that I like the bag a lot..I still do. I think it's a subtle twist on a classic tote and should be stylish for a lot of years.

    I say get it. :tup:
  8. I got to see this bag IRL today. I didn't like it as much as when I saw it in the pictures. The hardware didn't look nice despite its unique shape.