Yay or Nay on these necklaces??

  1. I think #3 is the prettiest. I love how the white gold has the high polish. Plus with the 2 tone you could wear it with any color earrings.
  2. #2 for me. i love the solid gold in a matte finish. stunning!
  3. Yay on the second one for me too, love how simple it looks and how the gold is not too flashy.
  4. I like the gold too.
  5. 3rd definitely!
  6. I vote for #2!
  7. #1 - I think it's more fun than the others.
  8. I prefer #3 two tone
  9. #1!
  10. i like the second one!
  11. I have a diamond one VERY much like the first one which i LOOOOVE and wear all the time... i'll take a picture and post a bit later.
  12. I like the third one and follow by 1