Yay or Nay on these Gabriella Rocha heels?

  1. What are you wearing them with/for??? They look very business attire to me....are they for work????? Cute shoes...though!!!!
  2. Hm. Originally I was on the hunt for business-like shoes, but I guess these would just be everyday shoes. Maybe with some jeans. Do you think they would look cute with a knee length skirt? I like the fact that they have an ankle strap and the little buckle, and that they are 3". The only thing that concerns me is the laid-in straps on the tip and heel area.
  3. noway!
  4. nay....they look like granny shoes...
  5. i'm not crazy about them too!
  6. It's a nay, for me, sorry!
  7. I like them and think they would be appropriate for the office! JMO...