Yay or nay on these Francesco Biasas?

  1. Can I get your opinions? To channel Tim Gunn, I'm ambivalent about these, but I'm thinking about getting one...

    This reminds me of a rope-handle BV that I wanted, but it's much more affordable.

  2. the first one i love....the second one i'm kinda eh about....and the third one kinda reminds me of granny tablecloth (no offense :worried:smile:.......but love the color and the sidepockets on the first one....and obviously the rope handle
  3. I agree. Maybe the first one might be nice.
  4. I have the second one in black in the medium size. I liked it in the store but after a few days I changed my mind, now i'm either going to relist it on ebay or give it to a friend.
  5. I like the first one too. These bags are made well and definately affordable.
  6. Yay to No: 1.
  7. They sell a satchel type shape with the twisted handles that i liked a lot more.. but I def. prefer the first to the other two
  8. yay on the second one. does it come in a different color?
  9. I think they're all pretty but I'm leaning towards the first one.
  10. I vote yeson the 1st, ambivalent on the 2nd, and not a big fan of the third.
  11. i like the 1st one but the 2nd n third are ok
  12. i like the first one best!!!
  13. I like the first one!
  14. I actually like #2 the best of the three. I have a couple of Francesco Biasia bags and think they're very well made.
  15. i like the first one best. what a nice colour!!