Yay or Nay on these earrings? Opinions please!

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  2. i'd have to have the right outfit to wear with them...they're not exactly earrings for everyday wear to go with everything but if the price is right and you really love them, get them! they're special :smile:
  3. They are not my style. However, if you like them, go for it.
  4. very cute, but am not sure its quality..
  5. I must have said "no" instantly before, but now I am a bit interested in animal motif jewelry pieces. I tried on the earrings below last week. Not bad!:biggrin:

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  6. no for me, too novelty.
  7. I think they are cute, but how often will you wear them? If you are obsessed with frogs, then I would definitely say go for it. :smile:
  8. No, for me too. I do not think you would get much wear out of them and for $51 they just seem too pricey for a novelty pair of earrings, KWIM?
  9. I just bought a set of Betsy Johnson skull studs, and loved them so much I bought a pair of lip studs from her as well!

    I'm usually not a costume jewelry person, but I'm kind of finding her stuff irresistible! I saw go for it!
  10. I'm not feeling them.
  11. Not my style but cute non the less. If you had a green theme going on with your clothes then i could see how that would work.
  12. looks a bit tacky.....sorry
  13. For the right personality I think they'd be fun and cute, but not really my style.
  14. Uh, no.....I'm not into costume jewelry. HOWEVER, if you love them/make you happy, have something to wear with them, etc., then get them. Your look, noone else's.....:smile:
  15. Not for me, but it depends on one's style and taste. If you love them, go for it.