Yay or Nay on these bags??

  1. (pics from lillianvernon.com)


    pebblegrainblack.jpg pebblegrainred.jpg
  2. it looks nice to me :p
  3. Looks good to me.....
  4. Not my style, but cute!
  5. A little plain for me, but definitely a classic bag.
  6. Thanks for your opinions guys!

    Which color should I choose??
  7. A little to plain for me.
  8. Great classic style.
    Color really depends on you. Having a great red bag in your repertoire is a MUST but the black would be awesome for an everyday look.
  9. I love it in red, but it depends what your needs are.
  10. I think they're classic. I love the red. But for some reason, I always choose black.
  11. Eeh, nothing special.
  12. red, red, red!!!
  13. "eh".
  14. I like them.
  15. No not for me, The styles is classic, but the leather looks too harsh...if that makes sense!
    But as they say, each to his(or her) own :smile: