Yay or Nay on either of these

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  1. I'm still searching for a nice soft hobo in the brown family. These are both on sale but haven't found any reviews on either. Anyone familar with them? Opinions?

    The first is by UGG (in the color luggage) no clue about their purse quality-the 2nd is Tory Burch-love the color but the strap looks a little short.

    http://www1.bloomingdales.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?upc_ID=820928&ID=500462&Quantity=1&EXTRA_PARAMETER=BAG&PseudoCat=&PseudoCat=Cat17311 Hobos&PseudoProdID=500462&BagDate=09/28/2010 : ba-xx-xx-xx.index

    http://www1.bloomingdales.com/catalog/product/index.ognc?upc_ID=840672&ID=488340&Quantity=1&EXTRA_PARAMETER=BAG&PseudoCat=&PseudoCat=Cat17314 Shoulder Bags&PseudoProdID=488340&BagDate=09/28/2010 : ba-xx-xx-xx.index
  2. Personally, nay to either, but between the two, the UGG :smile:
  3. i prefer the size of ugg but prefer the design of tory burch :P
  4. Prefer the Tory Burch. UGG doesn't do anything for me.
  5. Funny but the Bloomies site lists the width of the Tory Burch as 12", but the Tory Burch site lists the width as 20 1/2". They're the same price and I believe it comes in only one size. Wonder which one is correct?? I'm thinking the 12" is a typo because it looks wider than 1 foot.
  6. Tory burch in the brown!!:nuts:
  7. I really like both. They're both my kind of bag - single strap hobos.
  8. wow that is a Big difference! 20.5 is gigantic
  9. The Tory burch, it is so classic looking...
  10. i vote for the TB bag
  11. nay to both, but prefer the TB
  12. Tory Burch
  13. The TB is too plain for my taste, so that's a NAY.

    The other one is more interesting, especially the one in Putty :yes:
  14. I love the TB. Usually I'm not a fan of plainer bags, but I really love that one.