Yay or Nay on Aldo's New Jellies?

  1. Still debating on whether I think these are cute or not...

  2. I like the yellow. I want a pair of yellow shoes so bad. There is an Aldo in the mal arround the corner form me, so I might drop in to see these jellies in person.
  3. I'm still on the fence about open toed flats, but upon seeing this shoe, I really like it!!
  4. They'd be better without the ankle strap, but they are pretty cute anyway!
  5. cute!
  6. i agree, love the color
  7. They are cute.
  8. Nay.
  9. Cute... and a lot cuter than some of the $100+ jellies (!) I have seen.
  10. i don't like ankle straps only because they really make your legs look stumpy but if you really luv it i say go for it...
  11. yay but only for vacations/beach.
  12. I liked them on the website...but when I saw them in person on the weekend, I was not so keen on them.
  13. I like them...but maybe only for casual settings
  14. yay!
  15. I don't know big nay for me

    just.. so yellow...