Yay or Nay?? Oh Deer Audrey shoes??? any1 have them? how u like urs? rop for pix>>>

  1. I found these shoes for $12.99 but not sure if I should keep them, bc I got them exact size but now they're a bit small....if i found the rite size for my feet, i'm still contemplating if i should keep them or not....how would i wear them with my outfits? (got any suggestions) and mostly how's the comfort??? ive heard oh deer shoes are horrible in comfort..ur thought and suggestions? thx
  2. never owned a pair of oh deer heels so i wouldnt know how comfortable they are. but 12.99?!?! KEEP THEM!! i would!!! you can wear it with anything! casual-jeans and a tee.... night out on the town... or a dress! you can dress them up and down...

    i think tyra banks wore those on her show...
  3. get them!! they're so cute! you could wear those with anything. jeans, skirt, to work, some cute capris or shorts.

    i have a pair of oh deers. the black patent leathers sling backs that are like 4 inches lol.
  4. how did u llike ur oh deers? did u have to size up and how's the comfort? thx
  5. They aren't very comfortable, but they are super cute and a good backup for my designer shoes. I got mine true to size but they are a bit narrow in the toe area for some people. I also put a foot petal inside of them for more cushioning.
  6. For 12.99 keep them. I have found with Oh Deer shoes that the closed toe are small but the open toe run true to size.
  7. i got them true to size 8.5. i love them they look great and make your legs look great too
  8. Im not a fan of Oh Deer shoes, but for that price you cant go wrong. Even if you never wear them you wont feel bad.
  9. super cute but not a fan. I purchased a pair of Oh Deer for my costume and they were so uncomfortable. not made well at all.
  10. those are cute...only $12.99??? bargain, those are keeper, i bet they would look good with everything!
  11. What are these made out of for $12.99? :confused1:
  12. Those Oh Deer "Audrey" peep-toes retail for $89 or $99 or something like that....so $12.99 is a super deal (I've seen them go on sale for really low as well). They are made of genuine leather (except for outer sole which is not leather). I'm a die-hard Louboutin addict but actually found those pretty comfortable (and also fairly well-made, given their price point) when I ordered a pair from Zappos last year just to try on. Compared to my Louboutin Yoyo Zeppa's, the Oh Deer "Audrey" pumps are pretty darn similar.....not identical though as the Louboutin heel is still a bit higher, more toe cleavage in the toe area, and the curvature of the heel/arch is also bit different on the Louboutin original. Haha I notice these tiny differences!

    But I still plan to get a pair of those and/or the "Chloe" style slingbacks as a supplement to my Yoyo Zeppa slingbacks -- they are for the rainy days when I do not want to risk the $700+ Louboutin's.
  13. i agree - for the price you should definitely keep them. they're cute & you can wear them with almost anything!
  14. $12.99???? KEEP THEM! You may only wear them once or twice but then you didn't pay very much for them so it's all good!!
  15. Wow Precious!! That's a great deal-- where did you find them for so cheap?