Yay or Nay new setting

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  1. When I had my e-ring resized this summer, the jeweler managed to totally mangle the setting, which while it wasn't meant to be permanent, I didn't want it ruined either. It's bothered me a lot since then, so I started looking at settings.

    My brain always goes back to the Vatche Royal Crown, shown in the below link. The thinnest they'll make the band is 2.5 mm, which is just a hair wider than my current setting (which is 2.25ish).

    Do you think that will detract from the size of my diamond, which is 1.15ct?

    Going completely custom is not on the table. I have wasted a TON of money on custom gone wrong, and I am sick of this. I need to stop buying ish so this is the final reset for a LONG time.


    (im not buying it from either of those vendors above)

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  2. Love the royal crown--my best friend has it!
    I don't think the extra width will make much of a difference.
  3. I loooooooove the royal crown setting, have been admiring it for years. I think your stone would look gorgeous in it!
  4. That's what I am hoping. I have gone back and forth with Marie at GOG and the price is great, and they are willing to go with 2.5mm. I just need to get it going and make sure I save the money for the next few weeks. I want to beat the holiday rush.

    I LOVE the sideview. LOVE. So I hope I get this and get done!
  5. Here's another great sideview. This is how high I want it set too.

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  6. Yay. Beautiful. Can't wait to see pictures when you get it!
  7. so beautiful, I would like to have one of myself.
  8. Sure will. Hopefully by Thanksgiving!