Yay or Nay! Need a new purse! For work and stuff!

  1. So.. I've been browsing coach.com and i've been looking for very nice casualish but stylish bag to carry to work and stuff.. These are what i've summed em down to..

    Please vote accordingly!

    If of course you see none of the ones you like please feel free to suggest a nice roomy one!! :biggrin:

    a. Ergo Signature Flap in Brown

    b. Chelsea Signature Hobo in Black

    I am around 5'2 and 21 years old. ^^
  2. The ergo is very light and cute. I think it would be easier to get things in the bag with out having to take it off. Both bags are lovely though.
  3. I voted for the ergo flap. Both are gorgeous bags, but if you want to use it for work, I think the ergo flap looks more dressy, and the chelsea is a little more casual.
  4. I like the ergo:tup:
  5. I like them both, but the ergo is dressier imo and I have the black chelsea hobo and LOVE her so I am biased. :p
  6. Ergo..
  7. I voted chelsea, I like both, but I love the clasp opening.
  8. I prefer the ergo (plus I am crazy for any signature brown!). But you also have to consider how much you need to bring for work. That ergo style looks like it would hold less stuff than the chelsea hobo.
  9. I'm a big flap fan so I voted for the ergo. I also think that its looks more professional. It will only hold so much, which I think is more appropriate for work. I don't think these massive oversized bags look as work appropriate as a smaller, more stremlined bag. But then again, I work at a bank! :lol: Major conservative! Just my $0.02, though!
  10. I think the flap is nicer looking, but the hobo is more of an everyday bag.
  11. I voted Chelsea just becasue I dont like the flap look.
  12. Thank you guys for all your input!

    But ever since hearing about the new floorset coming! I have a feeling i'm going to get a new bag from that set! xD
  13. I like the Ergo flap.
  14. ergo flap
  15. As of today, I vote for a medium Carly. I may change my mind tomorrow with all the new stuff coming out...