Yay or nay ... Maxx New York red leather bag?

  1. I have been searching for a red leather bag but I didn't want to purchase a high end designer bag. So I purchased this Maxx New York for $279CAD ... please tell me if you like it or if I should still look around. Here's some pics:
    DSC_00012.JPG DSC_00082.JPG DSC_00101.JPG
  2. I like it! It's a gorgeous shade of red, and I love the 2 zippers on the front. Very cute, congrats on the great find!
  3. Hey it's cute!
  4. Oh, I love it! I like the shape, the color is tdf and I really like the "clippy" thingie on the front of it! (sorry, can't think of a more technical term!) It looks fabulous on you! I think it's a beautiful bag!
  5. A definite keeper! Very stylish on you.............
  6. I like it. Great shape and color. I have a red clutch from them and love it.
  7. I like that - the color and the shape. It looks very nice on you!
  8. Gorgeous bag! Way to go!

  9. It´s stylish.
  10. It's very hot :biggrin: congrats!
  11. A resounding "Yay"! Looks great on you, congrats!
  12. Oh yes, as a blonde who really looks dreadful near anything red, I am jealous!
  13. Wow, really stylish and love the shade of red.

    Its a keeper:yes:
  14. Beautiful bag! I love the color, the shape...everything! :yes:
  15. It looks pretty and functional. Enjoy your new bag!
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