Yay or Nay: Manolo Blahnik Sequined Open-toe Sandels?

  1. NMX04MW_mn.jpg
  2. Thanks! I just ordered a pair. Use the code "NMWKEND" for free shipping.
  3. And Yay!, obvs.
  4. np =) post pics when you get them!!!

    lol... well, zebra print and sequins aren't really my thing, but they do look pretty yay ;)
  5. I like them!
  6. I think they are adorable! A little wild for every day wear, but would totally be fab with a LBD!
  7. Gorgeous! i need to stop coming to tpf bc everytime i'm here i find something to buy! heheheheheh thanks for posting, i'll be ordering some tomorrow!
  8. A big yay from me! I have that exact pattern in the closed toe style and I love them! They go with more than I originally thought they would:yes:

  9. ooooo, those look SO good!
    i think you've just convinced me.

    maybe the better question would have been, classic or trendy?
    animal print seems to always come in & out of style...
  10. Animal prints are classic. Period.

    However, it takes a very confident woman to rock the animal prints when they're not currently in fashion. An animal print shoe is much easier to wear year in and year out than an animal print blouse. The print on these is pretty subdued (I mean, as much as animal print sequins can be!), so you could definitely wear these peeking out from long pants for many years to come.
  11. When I saw these online i didn't like them that much but when i saw that at NM, they were beautiful. yay for me.
  12. you people are so convincing. lol...
    i think i'm gonna venture into animal print world and get 'em.

    also, does anyone know how they fit?? (babypie, mcb100?)
    I'm normally either a 7 or 7.5...
  13. How they fit compared to what? I've actually tried these in the store, so I'm pretty confident on sizing. It is the same size that I have in my other Manolos - which are not d'Orsay style (and which I understand typically run smaller). If you have any other open-toed, non-d'Orsay Manolos, I'd say you can feel confident ordering that size.
  14. thanks, stevenash!!
    what did you think of them IRL compared to the pic from NM?
  15. They're cuter IRL. I passed because I had already purchased another pair of shoes (which I actually like better) and I was on my way out. They're not so in-your-face Zebra! Sequins! when they're on your feet. They're just a more intriguing shade of brown. :smile: