yay or nay? JPG, Help!

  1. So, I've been reading that JPG designed Hermes? (Sorry i am a Hermes newbie). Since there aren't any forums for JPG, I wanted some help with this bag. Do you like it?

  2. Hermes is the designer of a JPG bag, not the other way around as you wrote. Although, your link goes to a Jean Paul Gaultier bag, which isn't the same thing as the Hermes JPG.

    That's a cute bag, but if I get patent leather I like mine to be in a different shape than the squarish shape that is pictured there. I prefer mine to be more bohemian to take the edge off the patent.
  3. do you know of any patent leather bags that are cute but not too pricey?
  4. I've seen patent leather hobo bags by Coach at Nordstrom for 50% off sometimes...so they are like 225.
  5. sorry but I think the jpg birkin was designed by john paul gaultier.
  6. The JPG Birkin was designed by John Paul Gaultier, hence the name. :yes: But Hermes bags aren't designed by John Paul Gaultier. It was just a special deal. HTH. :flowers: