Yay or nay for this dress?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I want to get a nice dress to wear for Christmas, and wanted to know what you think about this one. I really like it, except I want to make sure that it was classic enough that I'll be able to wear it for years to come. What do you think?

    Any opinions will be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

    (Click to enlarge pic)

    Feather dress.jpg
  2. if you have a figure like the model, then i say buy it! it's a perfect party dress!

    i wouldnt say it was a classic that will last for years though, stick to a block colour with no pattern for a classic imo.
  3. Ehh, nay for me. I like the cut/style but not the print.
  4. Hmm, the print is putting me off on the dress..
  5. I'm not sure what your body type is, but I know that dress would probably make me look like a linebacker (and I'm fairly small) b/c of the square neckline, puff sleeve, and lighter pattern at the top.

    For a timeless dress, I would suggest a solid color dress that's flattering to your shape. U wouldn't want to wear a dress that has ur cousin saying "Oh boy, isn't that the same tight snakeskin dress she wore 3 years ago???"! LOL
  6. Not a fan of how the print draws your eye downwards.
  7. I LOVE the cut and style in the dress but I'm not sure about the print. But, since the color is neutral, it could last.
  8. dont like the print..it would be perfect if it was all-black!!
  9. I like it. Very pretty and unique.
  10. ^ I agree.

    Sorry. The style of the dress is cute, but that print isn't doing it for me...
  11. Thanks for all the replies!:yes:

    I didn't like this dress the first time I looked at it, but then the more I saw it, the more I thought about it. Even though I still think it's gorgeous, I'm going to try to find something more classic and can be worn more than once.
  12. The best advice is to go for what YOU like. :yes::heart:
  13. I like the cut but hate the print.
  14. it has too much going on in my opinion!
  15. Hmmm. I'm not a big fan of a square neckline combined with puff sleeves. It is not a flattering shape on most people. you can have either one or the other, but not both.