Yay or Nay for this 18karat YG Ring?

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  1. Yay or Nay for this 18karat YG Ring?

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  2. Its so cute indeed
  3. Its pretty
  4. Nay
    Not my taste but I'm not wearing it...
  5. What design of rings do you usually go for?

  6. Well truth be told I'm in my 40s and that ring looks a little young for me. I tend to go for more diamonds and eternity bands. I wear my wedding set on my left hand and a right-hand ring diamond on my right. but the question is more do you love it? Is it expensive is it something that you will keep in where down the road or is it just a fun little ring?
  7. My plan is to stack it with my diamond eternity ring that I am wearing as my right hand ring. It is preowned by my friend and she is selling it to me for 280USD.

  8. Then you should just get it!
    Post a pic with it stacked w your band when you get a chance... I'm sure it will look lovely... It is a pretty ring
  9. I would say nay. Only because I don't like hearts in jewelry. But good luck deciding. I do think the stones make the ring more interesting though.
  10. I'm not fond of hearts either but if you like it go for it.
  11. Hearts are not my thing but it is a pretty ring. I don't think it looks young, anyone of any age could wear it.
  12. I am quite surprise many do not like hearts shape jewelry in general.
  13. I dont like it either...
  14. I don't care for hearts either
  15. Thank you all for your responses! I still went for the ring just to add something cute in my ring collection. Haha!

    Here is my current ring collection.

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