Yay or Nay: Chelsea Leather Novelty Large Hobo (pics)

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  1. Hello ladies, it's been ages since I've bought a coach bag and suddenly there are a couple that I like. I bought this one today, but I was torn between it and the black patent ergo bag. They are such different looks that I might end up getting both. I'm not a huge fan of signature bags, but I also like the black on black signature chelsea. What do y'all think I should do?

    coach1.jpg coach3.jpg coach2.jpg
  2. I personally love the camel/black leather chelsea. The combination of leathers makes it extremely versatile, and I whish they'd come out with a carly like that! I was considering this bag, but since I'll be using it for books and such, the turnlock closure turned me off.

    The patent ergo is such a totally different look like you said, so I see no issue in getting both!
  3. i'm not crazy about the color combo...but it is a beautiful bag. the black patent ergo would be my choice..
  4. I am not crazy about this bag either. I vote to spend your money on the Ergo.
  5. very nice bag, you could go casual or dressy with it!
  6. not loving it either
  7. Hmmm, hung jury here but I'd go for the patent Ergo.
  8. I love the shape & simplicity of the ergo. But, this bag looks great on you!
  9. I'm meh about it but seeing it on the shoulder I like it a lot more. .I don't like that pebbly leather. =P
  10. thanks for your input, I think I'm going to return it...as I'm realizing that it's pretty heavy without anything even being in it. The leather and all the brass makes it heavy. I like it, but don't love it, so it's not worth the achy shoulders.:nogood:

    I'm thinking the black/black signature chelsea would be a lot lighter, will have to keep thinking about it.
  11. I like this bag alot better in siggy too....I am eyeing this bag and the satchel in khaki/tobacco! Cant make up my mind on which I want yet!!! Please post pics of the black siggy if you get that one! I'd love to see it....which size are you getting...the medium hobo or large hobo?
  12. The ergo is one of my favorites.
  13. LOVE it! I have had my eye on that one for a while, and almost bought it yesterday as an impulse buy. Didnt because I am watching the budget lately.

    but I did buy the brown Chelsea turnlock wristlet and the new legacy stripe valet key chain! ssshhhh! dont tell the budget!
  14. Ditto.
  15. Will definitely post pics if I get a replacement. Still undecided because while I liked the patent ergo, when I tried it on, I remember thinking, it's kind of blah in a way. I did love how lightweight it was though.

    This bag stood out to me as being interesting and unique. But I think I'll wait until something else comes along that I absolutely love. I can never make up my mind :shrugs: