YAY or NAY: Aquamarine Matelasse

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  1. i wanting to make my first balenciaga purchase. i want my first bag to be colorful, not black or brown tone. i went to neiman's today and they had the Aquamarine Matelasse on sale for $900. i believe it is from the '07 s/s collection. what do you guys think? is this a great first bag or should i keep looking?
  2. That bag is stunning... I love aquamarine. I purchased an aquamarine City a few weeks ago. But I have to honestly say that I am not a big fan of the matelasse style... I don't like the quilted texture because it takes away from the smooshiness of the Balenciaga leather. That is just my opinion.
  3. definitely yayy!
  4. I say yay! I saw a matellase in real life for my first time while on my trip to Vegas and I loved it. It especially looks good in bright, bold colors.
  5. SORRY... Love the color but not the style, Hope this doesn't make you sad but just wanted to be honest. Good Luck with whatever you decide.
  6. Why are you having doubts? Is it the fact that it doesn't have a shoulder strap? That would bug me ... that's why I passed on the matelasse. I think it LOOKS beautiful, though ... I love the color and love the "Chanel style with an edge" aspect of it. It's definitely an attention-grabber ... can't be ignored. I think you'll get compliments galore.
  7. Agree!!
  8. I love it, think it is really pretty. That being said, for your first bbag, it might not be indicitive of the style? I wouldn't suggest it as a first Bal purchase myself. But, you need to go with what call your name! If you can get two, I'd say go for it. I have seen them irl, but only in white, brown, and black. They aren't as comfy to me as the other styles, like City, Twiggy, etc... But I will probably get one at some point b/c I am intrigued by the quilting. Like Fiatflux said so well, it is very Chanel with an edge. Good luck in your decision!
  9. :confused1:
    I was wondering the same thing, why are you having doubts? I have group photos with the Matelasse in them to compare how the style, size, and looks, are in comparison to other Bbags. If you want to see them let me know. But you said you did see it in person, so how did it feel? I had the style in FB and went gaga for it! The vibrant color in this style, with the shiny silver hardware is TDF! Unfortunately, the size was too big for me, so I am looking forward to seeing the small size when it comes out. But then I would adding it to my collection of the classic styles, so maybe you would prefer one of those first. But the price is fantastic. Good luck with your decision!
  10. Here's another one here who's not crazy about the style.
    The color is gorgeous, but I personally don't like the style. But if you like it, that's all it matters!

    Good luck with your decision!
  11. OMFG!!!:drool:That bag is TDF!!! I need to remove my jaw from the floor!! Oh gosh it is just soo pretty!!!
    You have to keep it!! The bag is just too pretty!!!
    I think its a great choice for a first Bbag, if I had seen that I would have jumped for it! Lol, especially beacause it was on sale!:love:
  12. Yay !!!
    I love the Matelassé and it looks gorgeous in Aqua !!
  13. Definitely a yay.
    Love this style in this color.
  14. ^^Ditto!