Yay or Nay: and which color would you choose?

  1. hi ladies
    i have this shoes in regular black but want to get another color..which one do u think it's good? thx
    1) ivory texture
    2) brown crocs
    3) red crocs
    4) grey crocs
    5) golden metallic weave
    6) natural patent

  2. I really like the "Ivory Texture" pumps. What brand is this shoe?
  3. it's Enzy --style is called Maylie
  4. I like the red ones they seem more maroon though which I think is why I like them.
  5. i love ivory. great colour. go for it!:tup:
  6. if you already have black in the same style id go for a lighter color, the ivory is nice!
  7. I think I'd have to go with the ivory texture, but I also love the red. These are stunning shoes, I say buy them all! :shame:
  8. ooohhh, i love the red and the gray ones!
  9. I like the red and the brown
  10. My pick would be between 1 or 3.
  11. ivory or red - beautiful!
  12. I really like the natural patent. It's very luxurious looking!
  13. i would for sure go for the brown croc.
    its the chicest and most versatile imo
  14. I've seen these Enzo's in stores. I don't like the brown croc -- the croc embossed along with the color for some reason just looked cheap.

    But the maroon croc looked good. The white pearly ones look fun, and I think there was a navy one that was very nice as well.

    They're cut pretty well and for that price, why not pick up a few pairs? :graucho:
  15. Red!!