yay or nay: 24kt gold plated over brass earrings?????


Sep 22, 2006
All things considered, the price is low. It isn't like they are asking hundreds for gold plated earrings. So whether they are worth it or not depends on your perspective. They certainly won't last forever, as gold plating does rub off, but earrings don't endure a lot of rubbing or abuse (unlike rings or pendants which lie against the skin), either, so they would last longer than other plated pieces.

My primary concern would be weight, as brass tends to be heavy. But if that is acceptable, then I think it is a good price for them.


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Nov 7, 2006
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If you can wear them, what a fun way to accessorize.
Unfortunately, I have some weird chemical reaction to plating....wherever it touches my skin, the plating just erodes away. Then I get rashes.


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Jan 4, 2009
^Everything that applies to Kitsunegrl applies to me so I have the same advice. I have stupidly sensitive skin so I'm always envious of others who can basically wear scrap metal and get away with it.

Those earrings are super cute, and if you can wear it, then get it. I mean, they haven't even hit the 3-digit price range yet so I think that's totally ok. Plus they don't look like every day earrings so I wouldn't worry too much about wearing off the plating (unless you have acidic skin like me and Kitsunegrl haha). And as long as you're SURE you won't be allergic to them I say yay.


May 30, 2007
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Me too. I actually metals when i stick them into my earlobe holes and I develop swelling + itch; and in some cases pus and bleeding.

I wld imagine the same for plating.

But if you do not have the problem and considering the price sounds not too high, I wld say, why not try it out? No harm, I guess.


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Sep 23, 2007
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I think HSN does that and it is called "technobond". They dip silver rings in gold.You can't resize them but it is supposed to be gaurenteed (sp?)for life. Check out those prices which are more inexpensive.


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Jul 9, 2008
they are gorgeous!

i personally don't mind them. they're not very expensive. if you take care of them, there shouldn't be any discoloration
Sep 14, 2008
Thanks everyone for the advice. Since I only have real earrings I have never tried gold plated so now I am nervous with all the talk of itchy swollen ears. I want them to last. I don't buy disposable jewelry. Example - I am only 29 but I had the same gold earrings for 17 years just gave then to my niece last year. Favorite sterling earrings wore for 6 years. I AM A FREAK. How do you take care of gold plated? I have no idea.

Holy Cow!!! I just went back to educate myself so I could start cyber stalking these earrings and it states the hinges are 12 kt gold so hopefully that will help with the weird ear problem. :yahoo::yahoo: I am buying them. Thanks again.
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Jul 9, 2008
best way to store anything plated is NOT to mix them with other jewlery. I would put them in a mini ziploc bag