YAY! On a Roll...Twiggers Gets Another Twiggy :-)

  1. HEEHEE....came home today and this beauty was waiting for me!
    She is a little veinier than any of the other bags I own...but I kinda like it!
    The color was all that I had imagined it would be!!!!! I can't wait to take her out and wear her!!!!

    Oh...and I'm working on another purchase right now...so maybe another one will be here later this week or early next week :nuts:

    Oh and I sold another LV...so now I can buy 2 more Bbags on top of the ones I was already planning on...yea...I do nothing halfway LOLOL


    no flash:


    no flash:

    *All above in natural light in an enclosed patio...so no outdoors*

    Modelling pic indoors with flash:


    Once my buying calms down I will definetly post family pics!
  2. wow twiggers, you're definitely on a roll! congrats!
  3. :yahoo:CONGRATSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!:yahoo: That is the most gorgeous bag ever!!!:heart::heart::heart: You are doing fantastic!!! Keep up the good work!!!!!!!!:tup:
  4. cuuuute!
  5. stunning, is this eggplant? ( sorry not familiar with b-bag colors)

    You're on a roll.... :smile:
  6. WOW Twiggers - such a gorgeous gorgeous bag!!!!
  7. oh my, what a stunning color!! congrats, wear it well!!
  8. that's a beautiful twiggy! :nuts:
  9. Twiggers. congrats the bag looks great on you
  10. Wow twiggers - you are really on a roll!!! I admire you (and your bags, of course!!!).

    That's a gorgeous bag. I think I like that color in the twiggy style the best!
  11. That is such a gorgeous bag, and you look stunning with it....Love it...
  12. she looks GORGEOUS on you! :yahoo:
    enjoy your new, beautiful BBag family!
  13. yay - now i don't feel so bad about all of my b-bag buying!!! love the violet - i think it looks best all wrinkled - congrats!!!
  14. beautiful!:drool: i really like the leather on yours!

    you're putting all of us to shame - 3 bbags in one week and 2 more on the way! :woohoo:
  15. drop dead fabulous! congrats!!!