YAY! Off Ban in Time for Christmas...BUT

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  1. now the dilemma is which bag to get?? My DH has told me that my "big" gift this year for Christmas would be a new Coach bag...(love that man of mine!:heart:). But now I'm stymied as to which bag to ask for.

    Which ones are you guys lusting after and which one do you think I need to fill out my collection? Here is what I already have:

    Khaki/Black 2006 Legacy Shoulder
    Black Leather Ali
    Khaki/Beet Carly
    Chocolate Signature Leigh
    Black Leather Soho Satchel
    Khaki/Gold Gallery Tote
    Black Hamptons Tote
    Black Signature Duffle

    Keep in mind I prefer shoulder bags but am in love with both signature and leather. LOVE LOVE LOVE my Carly and Ali...would 2 of the same bag be too much?

  2. OK, you've listed what you have, but what current styles do you like?
  3. Why not get a leather Carly since you have a sig one??? She's beautiful in Chili, and you have a beet trimmed Carly so I'm guessing you like red????
    I'm getting a black leather Carly sometime in the near future...and I already have a khaki/saddle one. LOVE that bag.
  4. I carry my Ali more than any other bag right now, but I'm in love with Carly too! I'm liking the idea of a leather Carly, but probably not in the chili, which is REALLY red...the black sounds yummy tho'!

    aaaggghhh...I usually have no problem picking bags I like, but I think the idea that I'm getting one so easily is messing with my head!
  5. Heehee....it's like sensory overload or something.

    Carly is so buttery soft in leather...
  6. You don't have a Bleecker yet...what about a duffle or a shopper? I like all leather pieces but they have a ton of different colors and styles.
  7. How about an ergo hobo. I just got mine yesterday and I love it.
  8. I have to agree with others and go for a bleecker to complete the collection. Or maybe something from the legacy line.
  9. Chocolate Sig Leigh! That bag is TDF!
  10. i bought the bleeker lrg flap sig in choco and love it:yes::tup:
  11. ^^ that leigh is already in her list of stuff she has. :smile:
  12. I'd consider one of these:

    1) Carly in leather
    2) Call JAX to see what Alis from 06 are left (brown is gorgeous if they have that or white)
    3) Consider something from the Ergo or Bleecker line

    You have quite a bit of black. Are you interested in adding color to your collection? The Bleecker line has ink, wine and bottle green which are all gorgeous yet aren't in your face like magenta or chili. There's nothing at all wrong with owning 2 or 3 of the same style either. If you like it, I'd buy a couple because they don't stay around long! (which is why I have 3 slim flaps!)
  13. You have a great collection btw! The gallery tote in khaki/gold :love:. Ok, I'll stop drooling now. Anyway, the leather Carly would be a really nice edition in the red or chocolate. I also love that new rounded Gallery tote in the red leather.
  14. DUH! Why didn't I think of the Ergos?? Silly me... that sounds like just the right ticket to round out my collections. What suggestions on color and style? The leather Ergos are great, yes? Maybe in camel leather?
  15. A patent leather ergo.....:graucho: I was in my store yesterday and they had one in this beautiful dark brown mahagony color. mmmmmm