YAY new way im organizing my wishlist!!! (& i learned to do screen shots!)(PICS)

  1. so after doing this with some stuff i was ordering from A&F...i though OMG why not with LV! I love looking at it. lol. I can see everything all together and by line!

  2. OH WOW!!!! That is so cool!!!!! Mine is a boring excel spreadsheet LOL
  3. lol. yeah i was writing everything down in a notebook. and then i would talk about a purse to my bf and obviously he wouldnt know what i was talking about.

    (He knows his speedys but thats about it. lol. he pretty much compares it to anything...one time we saw this really huge bag/duffle and he just goes "whoa..speedy 60." LMAO (he didnt really think it was he was just referring to the size. he thinks its funny that theres 25,30,35,40)
    and one time he saw a fake (which hes pretty good at spotting these days) and was like "Speedy 5" it was ridiculas. lol.

    But anyways, its a lot easier to be like..sooooooo heres my wishlist. :girlsigh: lol.not that i ever get anything unless i order it *pout face*

    oh well.
  4. btw...does anyone have stock photos of the beige inclusions??
  5. That's very cool! I may have to borrow your idea!

    Lol at speedy 5! That would be good for a barbie doll, huh?
  6. Great Wishlist... There are so many things on there that i want also
  7. really loved your wishlist!!! hope you get everything on there fulfilled!! :nuts: thank you for sharing!
  8. that is soo cool! i need to learn how to do this!
  9. Great wishlist!

  10. its just paint

  11. Mine's like this too!! and I also have a quicklist on my Treo that I like to read over and over again when I have nothing else to do to see if I can fine tune the list. :p
  12. Cool idea!
  13. Great idea!
  14. Love your wishlist! I used to just copy and paste pics into word. Yours looks WAY better than what I've done!
  15. congrats!