Yay! New wallet to go w/ my recently purchased bag! Great price too!

  1. So after I took the plunge and purchased my first Prada bag:yahoo::heart:, I just HAD to buy a matching wallet (well almost matching) to go w/ my new fall bag!

    The best part about it was that I got it from Bluefly which was an extra 10% off today only then I used a promo code and got an additional 15% off. So I got this beauty for only $237! :yahoo:


    I hope I like it IRL when it arrives to its new home! And it was the last one!
  2. BEAUTIFUL! Great job,Alouette! :yahoo:
  3. I swear this is it for now until the baby is born! :graucho:
  4. Good job!!! I'm the same way..Have to have the matching wallet!!!! Congrats!!
  5. Alouette I had that in my shopping bag the other night - went back this am when the 10% hit and it was gone - it is so gorgeous !! So glad it went to a tpfer !! And you got both discounts so good for you !!
  6. Of course, you had to get the matching wallet - and with all the discounts, it was a real bargain! Congrats - it is gorgeous with your matching gorgeous bag!

  7. lol..sorry! That's funny that the same thing happened to the both of us! :push:

    Thanks for being such a good tPF'r! :flowers:

    Thx everyone else! I can't wait to break her in! I'll be sure to post pics of the "pair" together...lol.
  8. No no sorries needed !! I went back and bought the cocoa one for my husband. He needed a new wallet. And good egg that he is, he told me I could have it if it matched the satchel and I "really" wanted it.

    How do you set up that PURSE BAN UNTIL -- I so need it.
  9. ^^^willpower I guess. I need to practice what I preach though. It's definitely easier said than done. We'll see how long it lasts though. :sweatdrop:

    tPF is good for either squelching my desires for a new bag by looking at everyone else's or conversely, making me want more!!:push:
  10. Alouette, this wallet is gorgeous. Congrats. =)
  11. I LOVE the shading on this! Congrats.