Yay, new sub-forum!

  1. Man you guys have seriously corrupted me! Tell me why, the second I saw the word Celluloid, I thought of the colonics thread? :blink:. . .:roflmfao: I dont know. .they dont even go together! :P

  2. Megs already criticized my choice of wording... she said it's too close to cellulite.

    I may have to change it... :Push:
  3. Tubes and the theatre?
  4. tube as in television! or youtube, lol.
  5. :lol::lol: megs and i must think alike i thought of cellulite too
  6. Vlad forgets this is a board of mostly women... we don't think of tech things like celluloid and equate it with a movie viewing screen :Push: I saw tubes and celluloid and thought of tying your tubes and cellulite!! :roflmfao:
  7. I renamed it... :yes:
  8. This is sooooo right up my ally! I am an entertainment junkie! Thanks for the sub-forum!
  9. Hooray!! I dig it.
  10. I'm So Happy For This Thread! :smile:

    EDIT: Sorry ~ New Sub-Forum!!!
  11. great new subforum! the PF is growing so fast! :yes: