Yay New Stuff !

  1. I got my stuff i ordered last thursday and i couldnt be more excited. This is the first time ive ever bought anything without seeing it first so i was really nervous and when i first opened the boxes i was like oh no what if i dont like it and i started getting all worried, but for the most part im fine now !

    Tell me what you think. (sorry for the bad pics i took them with my macbook)

    Legacy Geranium Shoulder Bag


    Joelle Sunglasses in Tortoise


    sorry BAD hair day haha
  2. I love both! Especially the color of that bag and the sunglasses! I might have to pick up the Joelles!!
  3. i was scared about the Joelles because they are so small haha. they are only my second pair of designer sunglasses, but im more used to SUPER LARGE sunnies.
  4. They're both adorable!
  5. Yay!! New goodies!!:tup:
  6. omg im such a dumbie ive been writing geranium everywhere and i just looked on the tag and it says gardenia.

    i feel stupid ! i dont even know what color geranium is haha
  7. I think geranium is red...but I love the white!! Congrats on your goodies!!
  8. haha thank you all
  9. I love both things!! The sunnies look great on you!! And I love the gardenia bag!! Congrats on 2 great purchases!
  10. I love the gardenia bag! It's so cute! Congrats!
  11. wow...the sunnies look great on you! Congrats!
  12. aw thanks now i just NEED the gold studded gallery tote, someon in raisin leather, and the magenta all leather carryall then maybe ill be satisfied :biggrin:
  13. I loveee that bag =)
  14. The sunglasses look super cute on you! You look so petite that I really can't imagine you with bigger sunnies - these look perfect.
    And that's a pretty bag!
  15. Yay - love that bag! I'm getting the same on in juniper for Christmas - feels good to pick up something a little different every now and again! Love the glasses too - Coach has the best sunglasses. Enjoy your purchases!