Yay!! new shoes!

  1. I got some Coach slingbacks for my formal dance. :nuts:


    They were at Dillards and they were marked down twice, so they were about 1/2 off the original price which was $166, I think.
  2. lovely!!!
  3. they look simple and elegant. what a great price you snatched it for? it can be definately worn on a lot of other occasions. i'm sure you'll make good use out of a versatile slingback.
  4. Those are really nice, you got a great deal.
  5. Congrats-you got them for a steal
  6. very nice!
  7. Those shoes are very nice!! U are going to have to model them!!
  8. Beautiful shoes
  9. nice shoes!
  10. great shoes! great price!
  11. V nice - simple yet sophisticated:smile: