Yay - New LV!

  1. Here's my new MC Black Petit Noe. I love this bag in the MC.:nuts:
    IMGP0576.JPG IMGP0580.JPG IMGP0578.JPG
  2. Wow..gorgeous..congrats!!!model it for us pleaseeeeee
  3. One more of Louis cat looking miffed because he isn't allowed any closer to the bag.:p

  4. hahah - not today, no way. It's early Sunday morning here and I am sitting in my pJ's with messy hair.:rolleyes:
  5. yay, congrats!!! :yahoo:

    such a cool & practical bag!!!!! love it!:heart:
  6. Nice.
  7. omg beautiful. i didnt know they made a mc noe. ive been in the dark for a while!
  8. your cat is lovely..... BTW great bag!
  9. OMG, I love this bag!!! Congrats to you!!! It's gorgeous....
    btw, your cat reminds me of this 'smiley'......:blah:

  10. Virgin leather ooh la la! It's just so cute! Congratulations!
  11. "...Pictures speak a 1000 words!"

    I can tell you :heart: your MC Petit Noe :yes:

    Congrats! :love:
  12. :nuts: WOW! I think I need this bag!! I love it!:heart:
  13. ditto :biggrin:
  14. congrats! it's so cute love it!
  15. Congrats! It's really cute :smile: